I found myself in an union as a friend and both of the women where more

Iaˆ™ve been attracted by more mature guys: Venus in limit conjunct Sat in Capricorn

great post! We watched countless axis cap/cancer and first household seventh house Saturn axis.

perhaps as an example, George Clooneyaˆ™s partner, who may have Aqua sun/venus together disease mars, suggest wishing an older, adult man. additionally, for cancer tumors sunrays, Jerry Hall is with a much more mature, richer guy, Rupert Murdoch, 85 yrs old. and so the cancer/cap axis is stronger.

This subjectaˆ™s really interesting in my opinion. We have Aquarius Venus (leader of 7th) opposite Saturn and Iaˆ™m attracted generally to more youthful dudes. One I really like enjoys stellium in Capricorn , but itaˆ™s a generation thing (Saturn, Uranus, Neptune)aˆ¦ Itaˆ™s all conjunct within his fifth residence, Uranus becoming leader of 7th. Iaˆ™m racking your brains on could there be an older lady within his chart.:)

Iaˆ™m later towards online game, but yes, Capricorn Venus in almost any of the symptoms (Saturn 7th, Venus Capricorn, Venus in aspect to Saturn etc.). I’ve maybe not when certainly liked anybody who wasnaˆ™t substantially elderly or younger than myself. My best friends in addition, not merely my personal boyfriends (guys).

Itaˆ™s also amusing exactly how this can be featured all the way down on, as youaˆ™re only in it for the money if thereaˆ™s an age space. Well yes, I wonaˆ™t say trulynaˆ™t a consideration, but mainly itaˆ™s about relevant. We donaˆ™t relate with folk my years. I like the company of people I’m able to have respect for (older), or men i could teach (younger). People who can tame me personally (older), or men and women I am able to acquire which help (younger). Thataˆ™s exactly how my relationships and romantic affairs will always be.

Capricorn Venus in fourth sextile Saturn. We connect.

My personal spouse is 12 ages more than me, and several of my pals are older as well. I have sunshine rectangular Saturn, moonlight trine Saturn, Saturn during the 5th, Aquarius seventh cusp.

I have Cancer sun, Venus square Saturn, Saturn into the 1st and Venus in the tenth. Iaˆ™ve not ever been attracted to more mature males by itself (continuously baggage) but I DO need aˆ?old soulsaˆ? whom exude readiness, ambition, and responsibility. This is most likely the reason why I skipped internet dating in my own school years. ??

Iaˆ™m over the age of my hubby. He has got a Cap moon. I donaˆ™t consider the guy could be in a relationship with a younger girl regarding amount of time. I know your before perhaps not by a huge amount of yearsaˆ¦.but these were older. As am I. His being younger doesnaˆ™t make an effort myself because they are absolutely earlier atlanta divorce attorneys ways except his delivery day.

Yep. There is a 19 many years age gap: You will find a Saturn in Libra, and he have their Venus in Capricorn men looking women.

I found myself partnered for 16 many years to a guy 17 ages my senior. Once the guy mentioned, aˆ?As I got your I imagined you could be taught. We discover given that I Found Myself wrongaˆ?.

Thats a beneficial oopsaˆ¦ effective for you

We put aside element of his review. Some tips about what the guy stated, aˆ?When I had gotten you I was thinking you were youthful enough that you could train. We read given that I happened to be completely wrong.aˆ?

I’m sure men who is attracted to older girls: cancers Moon, Venus securely conjunct and signing up to Saturn during the MC in Aries.

do moonlight inside the 4th house suggest a man was drawn to much older girls? curiousaˆ¦see this alot and wonder if itaˆ™s the moon thing

Yes. But there are more ways in which could show as well.